Hi I’m Curt. I’m 45 and I’d never run consistently in my life until 2015. I ran 449 miles in 2015 to be exact, or at least that’s what Smashrun tells me. I was addicted to running. I lost a ton of weight because I was also watching what I ate and felt great. I ran a bunch of races including a few half-marathons and was on my way.

I decided to sign up for my first marathon in March of 2016. The only problem was the fact that I fell off of the training wagon at the end of December 2015. I went on a ski trip, got busy at work in early 2016 and the next thing you know March hits and I’d really not run for three months.

Did I do the smart thing and bail on the race? Nah, why would I do that. Instead I run-walked the race in 6 hours and it just wasn’t any fun at all. Physically it wasn’t as horrible as you’d expect, I mean a lot of folks can plod through a marathon in 6 hours. The problem was more mental than anything. What was supposed to be a great accomplishment turned into a fail in my mind at least. So I hung up the shoes and really didn’t consistently run again through 2017.

So as would happen in your mid 40’s with a stressful job and no exercise, the pounds started piling back on. I’m overweight and out of shape again. Amazing how quickly that happens.

I’m writing this in December 2017 and I’ve got to get back into shape. So 2018 will be the year to get back on track, but I’d like to get a little head start.¬† Let’s see how that goes. It’ll be slow because I want to avoid the injuries that popped up in 2015, but I need to be consistent. The 50 states thing is still an eventual goal, but for now I just need to get back on the roads again.

Originally, I started this blog to keep me motivated and on track with a few goals that I’m publicly accountable for. I tinker a lot with plans, diets, apps, devices, shoes and just about anything related to the sport. I’ll let you know what I’m using, what’s working and what isn’t.

If you find me doing something completely wrong or ways I could be¬†better, please let me know. I’d appreciate the feedback.

I also appreciate you stopping by and getting this far. While you’re here, feel free to check my progress and upcoming itinerary here.