Where to Find Road Races Online

Online tools to find road races

I use the ten tools below to find road races online. The first seven cover races across the entire USA The last three are ones I use to search for races in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

If you have a go-to tool that I’m missing, please let send me a note and I’ll add it to the list.

Races Across the USA


Races in the Atlanta, Georgia Area



Twitter Road Race

Just a quick post to let you know you still have time to compete in the Twitter Road Race 5K today. Race time officially ends at 11:59 PM Hawaiian time which gives you a little less than 13 1/2 hours by my watch. I ran what began as a boring race in the neighborhood outside of Atlanta but things got exciting at the halfway point when it started to pour.

I finished slow and drenched but it was fun! It’ll be interesting to see how many finally participate. Love the idea.

This also qualifies as my first #Anywhere5K.

Clearwater Florida Trip

A few weeks back I tweeted about a trip we were planning in February. At the time, my wife wanted to head to San Diego and my son wanted to visit Fort Lauderdale. Ultimately my daughter won out so we’re headed to Clearwater, Florida.

After recent runs in the cold here in Atlanta, the warmer weather will be a welcome change. I’ll get to catch a race in the St. Petersburg area which will add Florida to the list.

I’ve never been to Clearwater, so I look forward to a new place. The timing is good as baseball spring training will be spinning up, so we hope to catch a few teams practice and play.

However, the main reason we chose Clearwater was so my daughter could visit Winter the Dolphin. For those that haven’t seen the movie or heard the story, Winter is a dolphin that got her tail caught in a crab trap off the coast of Florida. Ultimately, they had to amputate her tail but she has thrived at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and has even been fitted with a prosthetic tail. Check out the full story here.

My daughter can’t wait to see Winter.

We also plan to hang out at Pier 60, fish and of course get in as many runs along the beach as we can, while relaxing of course!

If you have any tips or recommendations on sights to see or places to eat in the area, please send me a note.

I’m still convinced I can get in another state prior to this trip, likely South Carolina. It’d be great to have three down by the end of February.

My Running Gear

I rode mountain bikes with the family over the holidays. We had a blast, but unless we were riding in the neighborhood it was a hassle to transport them. We’re just not fully equipped yet.

That’s what I love about running. When I want run, I simply slip on my shoes and watch and away I go.

My current shoes are Asics GT-2170’s. I purchased these at a local running shop in Atlanta, Big Peach Running Co. I love these shoes and I’m a big fan of Big Peach. If you’re a beginner, go get fit by the experts at your local running store. You’ll be supporting your local small business, but more importantly you’ll get the right shoes up front and avoid injuries down the road.

The other item I use for every run is my Garmin Forerunner 210. I love the ability to hit a button and know that my stats are being tracked and my run is being mapped. The only knock I have on this watch is the USB cable I have to use to sync with my laptop. I’ll go wireless with my next one.

As for the rest of my gear, nothing special to report. I do prefer technical tees when I can, preferably ones I’ve earned in races, but ultimately I’ll run in anything.

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Races

Krispy Kreme Donut RacesDid I just find my running mission for the year?

I stumbled upon a race earlier this week that is a likely candiate for the next state to add to the list, South Carolina. The race is none other than the Go Nut Donut Run in Greenville on January 15th. A quick glance at the race description tells me that you run two miles, eat six doughnuts and then run two more. Does it get any better?

Apparently it does.

A quick Google search today uncovered a baker’s (half) dozen races featuring running, eating Krispy Kreme’s and running some more. I think I’m on to something here.

We have the Krispy Kreme Challenge  (KKC) at North Carolina State University on 2/4/2012. I just missed the Huntsville, Alabama Challenge in November, but one can only hope there will be a 4th running this year. Unfortunately, the Florida State KKC conflicts with NC State’s on 2/4, but again there’s always next year.

In addition, Wikipedia tells me there have been similar runs at the University of Kansas and Kentucky. 2012 goal #3 could be in trouble.

I will revise this post as I uncover more of these events in hopes to become the de facto list of races featuring doughnuts in the land! If you spot a race or plan to host your own, please send me a note and I’ll update here.

Happy running…and eating…and running!

2012 Goals

I’m a simple three things guy. If I’m focusing on too many goals or tasks at once, I’ll never finish them. Speaking of finish, that single word is my mantra for the year. FINISH! I will be careful and very specific about what I start, but whatever I start I will finish.

With that said, here are my goals for 2012.

  1. Race in six new states.
  2. Race in my first Half Marathon.
  3. Lose weight and enjoy the ride.


First Run of the Year

After spending two hours ice skating with my daughter yesterday, I hit the road for the first run of the year today. It’s 23 degrees and windy here in Atlanta right now, which is about as rough as we get around here.

Considering my feet and calves are still dead from the skate, I felt good. I’m planning a trip to the beach in February so that thought is keeping me warm.

I Always Feel Better After a Run

I’m writing this post to remind myself about this fact for all those times when I’m not particularly motivated to go run.

I truly always do feel better after a run.

I started this blog to keep me motivated. I’ve set the goal, next I need to put a timeframe around it. It’s going to take a while since I don’t travel like I used to and I have a ton of family sports and other activity during the Spring and Summer, but I’m going to expedite this process as much as I can.

I’ve created a progress map to make tracking easier here on the site.